Daily Archives: February 3, 2017


When we decided in the Summer that we wanted to consider expanding our business we decided we wanted to create a brand for that business. That would involve creating a brand name and a logo.

As you will probably have seen from our website our brand name is Property Investor Partners Limited. And our logo is a Pomegranate.

Why a Pomegranate? Indeed, why a logo at all?  Why a brand name?

Most Companies involved in property be it property developers, estate agents, auctioneers, surveyors or whoever have names based on the Owners or Founders. Think Barratt Homes or Allsops Barnard Marcus, Sothebys or whoever. Those names have become brands but they started as names. Very few have logos. Where they do they tend not to be strong logos that you remember. We wanted to be different. We liked the idea of a logo and a name that described what we do.

When thinking of a logo what comes to mind. Well the first logo most people probably think of is Apple and once you think of Apple you think of Orange and then you start to think about fruit as a logo and realise it makes a lot of sense. Fruits have bold distinctive colours and positive associations for most people. Furthermore, fruits have seeds that multiply and grow. As they say in the Bible “be fruitful and multiply” And once you think seeds then it is a short step to thinking about Pomegranates which probably have more seeds than any other fruit.

When you then think about Pomegranates you realise they are quite beautiful and have a strong distinctive colour. So, that was our logo.

Then we thought about a good brand name. Our business concept is to help people buy property. In one shape or another we are going to work with them on their property needs. So, we will effectively be their Partners and the people we are going to help will be Investors. We are not targeting residential buyers.  So suddenly there it is – Property Investor Partners. Amazingly that name is free at Companies House so we register it (although for the moment we are going to use it as a trading name and keep the Company Dormant).

Finally, we had to put the logo and name together. For that we needed someone with design skills.

This was an interesting exercise and again as part of this blog’s mission to show you how we do what we do I will spend time in the next blog discussing how we did this.