Daily Archives: February 8, 2017


We had as a company and as a group of people almost no experience of creating a logo and brand name and no contacts with those skills. So, we started from scratch. As one does we asked around and got a recommendation. It was a disaster. The person concerned apparently was well known for their work but their thoughts on how we should go just made no sense to us. They came up with some initial parameters and colours that seemed horrible to us.

If, however you are someone without experience in a field it is easy to accept something you are not sure about on the basis that the person providing it is an “Expert” and so may know better than you. At the end of the day it is all a matter of taste and something that does not appeal to you may still be a winner.

But in this case, none of us felt we were on the right path. So, I started phoning around printing companies i.e. companies that do cards and brochures. My thinking was such companies usually do some design work as part of their brief. I talked to one company who seemed sensible and we went to meet them.

We went in explained what we wanted and spoke to Ian who said he thought he understood the brief and would send us a prototype for free for us to approve. As soon as it came back we all thought Bingo. This works this is right. The colours, the design, the picture everything seemed right to us.

And then he gave us his quote and it was extremely reasonable.

So, there is a lesson there. Expensive and complicated is not necessarily best. Sometimes it is a reflection of lack of competence by the person providing it. Often the real expert can do the job in half the time and for half the price because they know what they are doing.

We now had a logo and name (Property Investor Partners). The next step was a website.

We also wanted a newsletter and a blog. In future editions, I will explain how we set out creating those.