Daily Archives: February 22, 2017


We are progressing our website, newsletter and blog. We have created a logo and have a brand name for our investment side. We use this for the website. We decide however to brand the newsletter and blog separately as I will explain later.

There are a number of factors we have to consider for that website. The first is to find someone to design it. In theory that should be easy with so many websites being produced for so many businesses. But in practice our experience was it was much trickier than we anticipated. We went through 2 possible website builders before we came to the person who built the current version of the website.

Our experience was that using bigger designers seemed expensive and confusing so we did not appoint any that we approached. Using smaller designers gave more control and seemed superficially what we wanted but in practice we did not have a good experience. Maybe that was just the people we used or maybe that is the experience many people have before they get things right. As I have said this was very much a field none of us had experience of and I would welcome any comments readers may have about their experiences.

The newsletter and blog were much easier possibly because I had a much clearer vision for what I wanted them to do.

The first issue was a name and straightaway I came up with names I was happy with.

The newsletter we called “Invest in the North West” Actually we invest in the North but our main investments are in the North West and I thought that was a snappy and memorable title so I stuck with it.

The blog we called “Diary of a Property Investor” Again I hope this blog does what it says on the tin.

Where I accept, we were not so smart is in identifying exactly what our objectives were.

And even as i write this those objectives are not that clear. Are we looking for other Investors?  If so on what basis? Are we just promoting ourselves? If so for what reason?

Part of the problem was we were and are very busy without day to day business so just could not give this as much attention as we would have liked.

We certainly would like more Investors of the right type and we definitely benefit from having an online presence when we meet third parties. Increasingly we found that if we met people the first thing they asked was who are we and what is our website address so the work we have done fills a need.

So, we decided to launch the newsletter and blog and see where it took us which is what we have done.