About us

We are a property management company


We are Pomegranate Property Management Limited trading as Property Investor Partners. Although we are a new company, we bring a wealth of experience to this venture. Our team have years of experience in buying, refurbishing, tenanting and managing rental property.

Our key management team got together in 2012 and started creating portfolios of high yield properties in the North of England. We now have 6 such portfolios. 2 are with outside Investors one based in London and one in Germany. We offer Investors not based in the North the opportunity to share in the benefits of investing in high yield portfolios.


Our investment strategy is based on three key points:

1. To invest for yield rather than capital growth

2. To keep investments simple to minimise management input and so maximise net returns

3. To invest for the long term. So that you get the benefit of long term property investment rather than the short term gains of buying and selling 

Our investment strategy is not suitable for all Investors. It is not fixed in stone and if circumstances change then so will our strategy. But if you want to understand the thinking behind our strategy, how it works and what the benefits are for the right investor then download our pdf “Investing for Yield in Property” where the strategy is set out in detail and decide for yourself if you agree with it and if it could work for you.

We would advise any potential Investors to take independent financial and legal advice before making any Investment and would point out whilst we think we have the right strategy and our track record would seem to support that there can be no guarantees and Investors should be aware that the value of Property Investments can go down as well as up.