We have reached a turning point in the development of our Property Business. We have grown to a size where we have well over 100 properties. We have access to finance and could continue to grow at a steady rate. We could actually stop and simply let the portfolio pay down debts and accumulate funds. Or we could put our knowledge to use and create a property business. The question is what would the business look like?

We start looking round at different options.

We could use our knowledge to provide seminars on successful property investment and at the same time sell properties to those on the Seminars. In other words, the Property Club Model.

Or we could just market properties direct to Investors and charge a fee for selling them on or introducing Investors too them.

We could try and find more larger Investors and work with them in partnership as we do with our current two investors.

Or we could do a combination of the three.

Our investigations show that some of those in this field are very successful but they also have very large teams of people who they employ in order to get that success.  In itself that is not necessarily an issue but it would mean a very different form of management style would be required. The question is do we want to go down that route?  Once you create a large organisation it takes on a life of its own. You can find yourself with a major commitment in terms not just of salaries but also of management in running it successfully. You have responsibility for the people you employ and in practice often find yourself taking responsibility for their personal problems as well.

It is a bit like HMOs. The top line figures for them are very attractive but when you take into account the management issues they give rise to and the net returns after ALL expenses it all starts to look more challenging.

This is not something we are going to decide in a day What we decide to do is to take some small steps forward and see where they lead.

We do have one area covered and that is a brand name and logo. We are operating using various companies which each have their own name. Those names are normally a mixture of the names of those involved.  We realised that to introduce ourselves to any third party using those names would be complicated.

So, we decided to come up with a generic name for what we do and a logo. In the next blog, I will tell what how we did that.

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