I get details of possible dates to view the Manchester portfolio and decide to do this in the same week as the Sunderland viewing to get them out of the way in one go. This will mean a lot of travelling but travelling to view properties is a major part of my life so I am prepared.

I then get a phone call from the Seller of the mixed-use property (see day 7) we were considering. He is very keen to sell and wants a fast deal. He knows who we are and knows we have the cash so his question is what price would allow us to proceed. I go back to my fellow directors and we all agree £120,000 would work. I go back to the Seller who accepts that offer. That is a price that works for us and it seems works for the Seller so we now move quickly to sort out an exchange If you want to see what we got for our £120,000 click this link to see a Video of the property.


I get a call from our London Investor. He wants to discuss where we are with his portfolio and our plans moving forward. We have one large block of flats in Liverpool which we are refurbishing and which we should be able to do a major remortgage on shortly. We also have funds available to consider a further purchase and I tell him about our trip to view properties in Manchester and Sunderland

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