How we work

What we actually do

  • We are offering the opportunity to convert existing cash assets into high yielding properties and to get back that investment over a period of time.


  • We use the expertise we have gained (and continue to gain by actually operating in the North of England ) to identify simple, high yielding properties, i.e. properties where the rental income provides a very strong cashflow. 


  • We put those properties into portfolios which we then propose are ring fenced to allow you to recoup your investment and to create a valuable debt free asset going forward.


What we don’t do

  • We are not offering the chance to build investment portfolios with no money down.


  • We have no clever strategies to enable investors to invest without funds and to raise all the monies required by different types of finance or complex investment strategies. 


  • With us there is no rent-to-rent, no option agreements, no highly leveraged deals and no reliance on capital growth for the investment to work.



Our investment proposal is designed for those who want to invest in the North of England but do not live in the North and do not want to spend the time necessary to make those Investments.


In the past, investors have tried to invest remotely and often have failed.
They have relied on local agents or property clubs to help identify which properties to buy
They have relied on local builders to refurbish properties
They have relied on local letting agents to find and manage Tenants
They have then been left with properties that seemed to fit their criteria but in practice did not work. We see examples of this all over the North with extreme cases of properties lying empty for years because they are simply not worth renting out for the Owners.
We believe because at each stage of the process there is a basic conflict between the
Investor and those they work with. Our pdf “ Why you should Invest with Property Investor Partners” which you can download here explains the reasons why in full detail.


So why are we different? 


Why is that ? There are two main reasons

1. Our immediate strategy is to create Property Portfolios. Those Portfolios will we hope be long term portfolios and we have in place long term management structures to look after them. We are not interested in short term capital gains. We want to get the benefit of investing in the North of England for the long term. We believe this region has great long term potential and is on the verge of a renaissance that will see it takes its place back in the heart of UK as one of its most prosperous regions. Even if that is wrong we think the Portfolios we are creating can be structured to pay off all debts in creating them and leave a long term asset generating strong cashflows.

So it is in our interest to create Portfolios that work in the medium to long term. If we put Investors into properties that do not work then we will be responsible for resolving those properties which is not in our interest.

2. Our longer term strategy is to create one of the largest managed portfolios in the UK. The largest UK portfolio is we believe comprised of only 3,500 properties. That is a lot but in the context of over 4 million buy to let properties is miniscule. If we could create portfolios with a total of over 1,000 properties then both we and the Investors who own those Portfolios would be part of an entity which is one of the largest portfolios in terms of numbers of properties. Although it would not be a legal entity and each portfolio would be separately owned and completely legally independent there would be many advantages to being associated with each other.

It would be like a financial services network where companies link number of IFAs together so that they can effectively share the costs of regulatory compliance and benefit from being part of a larger grouping in terms of economies of scale. Although this strategy is for the future the point is it means that our approach to working with Investors is completely different from any other Parties we are aware of who help people to invest in the North.