Could the new Knowledge Quarter transform one of Liverpool’s poorest neighbourhoods?

We like Liverpool It is one of our favourite cities in the North West for Investors It has had its problems in the past and its false dawns. It is not free from risk Property prices are low there for a reason.

But we think it is on the turn. It has a great stock of property It is seeing a lot of new investment. It feels like a town on the move when you go there. Confidence is rebuilding and it is part of the Northern Powerhouse project. So if that works then Liverpool will benefit.

The secret of benefiting from areas that are being revived is to have in depth knowledge of what is happening, where and most critically when. No point being too early or too late

Here is a development that we will be following in Liverpool The Knowledge Quarter is a £2 billion investment which could be transformatory. Below you can find a link to the website that gives you full details of what is going to happen.

What is potentially very exciting is the effect it may have on the surrounding area to the north east of the knowledge quarter area namely Kensington. This is one of the worst areas of Liverpool now but going forward could this see a big change?

Have a look on line and see what people say about it now. However as older readers will know (and younger readers may be may be surprised to hear) the same could be said in London for Hackney or Bethnal Green or Stratford or Hoxton etc. etc.  Indeed look back into the 1960s and you will find Notting Hill was one of the deprived areas of London.

You do you have to think very differently when you are looking at the North and regeneration. To date it has not happened on anything like the same scale or speed as in London   But that does not mean it cannot happen and we believe it is going to start happening in many areas going forward. However, you do have to make sure you are not buying too early or you might have to wait years for the transformation to take place.

The secret is in the timing but we will be following this for you and try to keep you up to date with developments as they occur

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